Last month Café Dolcetto at 129 Comur Street welcomed a special visitor, Murray Cook, better known as Murray The Wiggle.

Murray is well known for being dressed up in his red skivvy, but his chance appearance in Yass in February wasn’t due to a Wiggles tour – which he left in 2013, instead touring with his own band ‘The Soul Movers’.

After DJing at Cube Nightclub in Canberra the night before, Murray and his band were on a road trip down to Melbourne to continue their tour, however, felt obligated to stop in to Yass for a lunch break.

Café Dolcetto owner Leigh Robinson was thrilled when The Soul Movers decided to pop into the venue for lunch – and served Murray a special surprise. 

“Murray and his band had parked in the main street and were looking for a spot to have lunch. It was just a bit of a chance appearance, but it was a nice surprise,” Leigh said.

“He and his band members had just finished a night in Canberra the night before and decided to come in.

“Funnily enough, Murray asked for some fruit salad, and everyone was laughing. He was here with his band members, and it was a bit of a joke, the whole café was laughing. 

“Murray was the loveliest man. He is so tall, I didn’t actually realise how tall he is. A lot of my younger staff actually love him, so they got so excited to see him. He posed for photos with them all.

“He had no issue whatsoever. He was just so polite and really happy to get photos taken with people.”

Children worldwide grew up singing along with the Wiggles on TV or in concert – Murray the original red Wiggle

Whilst loving the fantastic hospitality, Murray and his band members also loved the food. 

“Murray had a couple of items and loved the food. He came up after and said thank you, he was so happy,” Leigh continued.

“He actually put the photo up on his Instagram of where he was, so it was just really exciting.

“I’ve had a lot of people come in because of that. They said “oh my God, you have Murray the Wiggle here.

“I’ve never seen my staff so excited to see someone, it was really cool. We’ve had a few celebrities come in but he stood out for the younger ones. Even the customers were amazed. We’re just so rapt he chose us.”

Café Dolcetto is no stranger to guest appearances, with ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott visiting twice after his group bike rides, Blue Heelers actor John Howard, Sunrise presenter Natalie Barr, presenter Grant Denyer, the judges from My Kitchen Rules, the cast from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, as well as the Channel Nine crew, just to name a few. 

Next time you pop into Café Dolcetto, you might want to keep an eye out for a celebrity guest. 

Tim Warren