Photo: Josh Wallace in the 2021 season (Richard Glover)

The Murrumbateman Eagles had a great Round 1 last Saturday coming away with a win against the Woden Blues at 12:12:84 to 5:5:35.

Despite the wet conditions at Kingston Oval the Eagles showed their hard work throughout the preseason paid off.

The 2022 season leads into Coach Brent Fraser’s second year coaching the Eagles and it appears the learning curve in his inaugural season last year has set the team up for a competitive season.

The coach said the team was aiming to be competitive, consistent, and take the season one week at a time.

“I know the competition is going to be stronger again,” he said.

But Brent said if the Eagles can be competitive and just go as far as they can and do their best, then he would be satisfied.

Last year the Eagles had some difficulty with numbers amongst several injuries and unavailability through the season, which was cut short due to Covid.

“We kind of struggled to fill sides week to week but the guys, they pulled together, and they gelled together, and they put one hundred percent in,” Brent said. “Which we’re always pleased to see from a coach and a club point of view.”

The Eagles’ next game is on Saturday, April 9, against the Googong Hogs at 12pm at Rockley Oval.

By Brianna O’Rourke