Murrumbateman Village Markets return tomorrow after a successful market last fortnight. A relatively warm and sunny morning of Saturday the 25th of August, residents, stall owners and community groups across the Yass Valley flocked to the Murrumbateman Markets, enjoying a morning of live music, fun and high quality, locally produced items and food. The markets ran from 9am to 1pm, located at the Murrumbateman Recreation Grounds. 


Compared to the wet and cool market that the Yass Valley Times attended on the 17th of June, the markets saw a solid turnout, with families, community groups, pets and more enjoying a relaxed Saturday morning of community spirit and camaraderie. 


Stalls present on the morning included an array of tools, deli meats, spreads and conserves, dessert items, coffee, leatherwork, knives, produce, candles, meat and more, including stalls representing the Yass Valley’s industries of wine and wool, as well as community groups such as Yass CanAssist providing a barbeque, the Yass Valley Library and the Murrumbateman Community Association. 


Notable attractions included an appearance of three alpacas from the Enthusiastic Alpacas, whose wool is sheared, sent up to a mill just outside of Hawkesbury, cleaned and then processed into either roping for hand spinning, or commercial skeins and balls, which are then made into beanies, scarves, gloves, toys and other wool items present at the market.

Present at the market was the Murrumbateman Community Association, providing residents with updates regarding projects across the township including new irrigation on the lawns, new shed set up, and diggings for the new amenities building, as well as enjoying the community atmosphere. 


“It’s fantastic. Good food, good music, and great people, and a lovely day”, said MCA member Annalise.


“We’re always looking at new and different things. This week we’re installing some permanent seating for the village green area here, so we’ve got some benches and seating set up, so that’ll be extra sitting space that everyone can use, which is great”. 

Market organiser and President John Thorn commented on the pleasant day, noting new stall members as the warmer weather arrives and rain clears up. 


“We’ve got a new stall from Wagga selling native plants, and they’re doing very well, and we’ve got a new guy selling tacos, which we’ve never had before, so those are really good additions”, said John, 


John feels the market serves as a community hub that unites people who are otherwise scattered across the region and Canberra area for work and provides a much-needed community event and local fix. 


 “Our market was set up to provide a sense of community for Murrumbateman because a lot of people work in Canberra and they’re all going back and forth with Canberra, so the market is really one of the only places they can all come together, and that’s what we’re trying to set up, a real sense of community”, said John. 


The Murrumbateman Village Markets will return on the 9th of September. 


Griffin Palen