Eligible businesses in and around the Yass central business district can now access nbn’s fastest business-grade broadband at the same wholesale prices as those in major capital cities.

The co-investment between nbn and Yass Valley Council now means businesses can order business-grade fibre – known as Enterprise Ethernet. Head of nbn local NSW Tom O’Dea said the initiative would support local innovation, business growth, job creation and education – important for the Yass community.

“Businesses are increasingly using business nbn Enterprise Ethernet to support cloud-based business operations, remote file storage, content hosting, unified communications, large file distribution, and to connect head office locations,” he said.

“For business nbn Enterprise Ethernet customers, we are helping to level the playing field in Yass and ensuring that more businesses throughout regional Australia in more locations can participate in the digital economy on an equal broadband access footing with metro-based businesses.

“This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to regional Australian businesses.”

The Yass Soldier’s Club is one of the first businesses in Yass connected to Enterprise Ethernet,

“The reliability and speed it is offering the local business community is a ‘game-changer’ for small to medium enterprises and the future economic growth of the town,” said Club CEO Robert Packwood.

Highest speed internet for Yass businesses – Administration Manager, Yass Soldiers Club, Annabel Whalen

Yass Valley Mayor Allan McGrath said fast and reliable business-grade internet was more important than ever, particularly as people seek new opportunities in regional areas in a post-COVID lockdown era.

“This investment from Yass Valley Council with nbn also supports relocations and investment in our economy, which is continuing to grow as we see more businesses and people move to the regions post-COVID.

“This investment will help attract new businesses and also support the existing logistics, health and professional services firms who won’t need to move to a larger capital city to expand,” he said.“It also supports the broader economic development of Yass, which is continuing to grow as we see more people move to the regions post-COVID and the new advent of remote and hybrid working.

”The investment in the Yass Business Fibre Zone follows investments in nearby Goulburn and Queanbeyan, where local businesses and firms are taking full advantage of what high-speed business-grade broadband can deliver to them.

Nbn’s Tom O’Dea explained where a business is physically located, means less when high-speed enterprise ethernet is available in regional and rural areas.

“All of this contributes not only to the economic growth of regional and rural Australia, but also to population growth where people realise they can live away from major capital cities and continue to access the speed and technology required to run a business, or do their job.”

“Nbn Enterprise Ethernet is the fastest symmetrical wholesale product available, with a 99.95 per cent network availability uptime target, helping to reduce business downtime. All Enterprise Ethernet services are managed by a dedicated team that understands Australian businesses, providing business connection and assurance support 24/7. For more information and full product disclosures, visit https://www.nbnco.com.au/cam-paigns/business-fibre .”