Photo: Yass High school Captains – Mary-Lara Oakey, Cooper Thornely, Trent Robinson and Maddy Leahy (Supplied)

Yass High School’s new student leaders were voted in recently with Captains Cooper Thornely and Trent Robinson and Vice Captains Mary-Lara Oakey and Maddy Leahy.

This year’s student leaders handed over their badges to the new recruits at the induction ceremony, which was filmed for parents and family that were unable to be there due to coronavirus restrictions.

Prefects Chloe-lee Moore, Liam Monaghan, Noah Groom, and Samantha Roberts were also inducted on the day.

Principal Linda Langton said this is Yass High School’s second year of electing student leaders regardless of gender.

“Gender doesn’t form an issue,” Mrs Langton said. “It’s the four best people for the job.”

The top two students voted in are captains, the next two are vice-captains and the others are prefects.

Mrs Langton said the 2021 team consisted of two girls as Captains and two boys as Vice Captains, but the new group has two boy Captains and two girl Vice Captains.

“That’s just the way the numbers came out.”

The news of genderless school leadership positions was met with cheers after an announcement over the PA system Mrs Langton said.

“The kids got the captains that they voted for, so they’re absolutely delighted.”

School Captain Cooper said he joined the leadership team to try and help the school and make it a more enjoyable place for everybody who goes there.

“By the time I am done I hope that I would have helped make Yass High a better place and get people used to taking action to help the school.”

Fellow Captain Trent, who has aspirations to become an aircraft maintenance engineer, said he would like to be remembered as a leader who made a positive difference to all Yass High students.

“I believe it is important that all years have a voice guiding decisions made within the school,” he said.

Vice-Captain Mary-Lara Oakey hopes to go to university to work in pediatrics or social work and said she will encourage others and listen to their needs.

“I promise to be kind and compassionate while upholding all the school values and continuing to engage myself into community and school activities.”

Maddi Leahy aspires to be a speech pathologist and said having younger cousins gave her the opportunity to be a role model and taught her that being a leader looks different in every aspect of your life.

“My aim is to instill kindness and care within our school and create a cohesive school community with equal opportunities for everyone.

“We have a very, very strong leadership team for this coming next 12 months,” Mrs Langton said. “I’m really looking forward to working with the kids.”

“They have great ideas, they are kind people, they value the school, they want to leave a legacy, and they want to have an impact in their leadership year.”

“It’s going to be a great year.”

By Brianna O’Rourke