Photo: Luke Tanswell, Sarah Watson, Alex Apse, Treen Flynn, Ben Stanyer, Toni Neuhaus, Alex Rose, Ryan Goddard and Sally Townsend

The Yass Valley Triathlon Club is currently being established in town as the committee jumps over some last-minute administrative hurdles to get it up and running.

Club Secretary Alex Apse said at the moment they have the bones of the club but are waiting for paperwork to go through to become officially recognised as a part of Triathlon Australia and Triathlon NSW.

Currently, only those 18 years and older will be able to participate with the plan to open up to juniors in the coming year.

The club has 13 members, six of which are on the committee.

Alex explained that when the club at- tends local or interstate official triathlons under Triathlon NSW or Triathlon Australia then those competing will gain points toward their club’s overall ranking and their individual ranking.

“We’re hoping to be able to cater for all abilities,” Alex said. “Everyone from be- ginners, who just want to try it and have a go, all the way out to the elites.”

Alex said in their initial group of members there’s a broad range of athletes.

“It’s really a welcoming sort of crowd of all ages and all abilities.”

Alex, who is training for a Half Ironman in September, said what she loves about triathlons is that it’s an individual sport but a team atmosphere.

“Even though you’re racing generally for yourself,” Alex said, “The amount of encouragement and support you get from the people that you train with and race with on the day – It’s just one of the most outstanding things I’ve ever seen out of any type of sport.”

Alex said it’s the atmosphere and passion involved in the sport but also the variety.

“You have to train for three different activities,” she said. “So it really mixes it up.”

“If you don’t like just running for endless hours, you can go and ride a bike or swim.”

The races that are available to compete in come in a variety of different lengths depending on your experience and training.

There’s a super sprint, sprint, standard distance, half Ironman, and full Ironman.

Alex said it’s basically anything from a very short swim, run, ride, which is great for new triathletes to more intensive triathlons with a 3.5km swim, 180km ride and a full marathon run.

The club are looking at rejigging their group training sessions. Currently some members run as a group on Tuesday mornings at 6am and often have a long run or ride on the weekend.

Alex said once they formulate a training plan, they will be able to flesh out the details of regular training sessions.

The group is also looking at doing some fundraising, selling merchandise, and setting up a few local events as well.

“It’ll be sort of a come and try come and give it a go,” Alex said. “We’re just looking at running a few local things around Yass, so people don’t have to travel.”

Alex said the club have already run through a practice triathlon in town in early January where they swam at Yass Memorial Swimming Pool, cycled out past the tip, and then ran around the oval.

“It was really controlled, easy with the traffic and a very smooth process.”

If you’re interested in joining or for more information email yassvalleytriclub@out- or follow the Yass Valley Triathlon Club Facebook page for regular updates and information.

By Brianna O’Rourke