Perhaps some progress has been made in discussions regarding the future of the Yass Archives, but what initially seemed to be a very constructive dialogue is turning into a nightmare for the Yass and District Historical Society (YDHS)

Historical Society Part of collection of rate books and district schools student registers

With the approaching February 20th deadline for work to start on the reroofing of the Soldier’s Memorial Hall the Society finds itself with additional obligations and risks. The Council’s solution is to assist with tarping the collection. Contractors have been advised to be vigilant with external tarping. The CEO, Mr Chris Berry at the Thursday night Advisory committee meeting mentioned there is consideration being given to installing an extra false ceiling above the Archives. But this is not definite!

The Council has said it has no liability or responsibility for this community treasure trove.

Historica Society – Bugler Fred Beeton. His bugle and documents are PART OF THE COLLECTIONS

The YDHS committee has been overwhelmed by the Community support and the media interest. But at this stage whilst all avenues are being pursued, only questions remain.

Can the old Ambulance building be obtained as an interim solution? The CEO has offered to write a letter to relevant parties in support of this. Meanwhile the Society grapples with negotiations.

Historical Society – Evicted – the history of Yass Valley could be out on the streets

How long would the Archives be able to stay in the old Ambulance building if it becomes available and under what terms?

Despite assurances that the CEO will support the YDHS in gaining the old Library premises once the new Library is built can a guarantee of this option be formalised? Councillors and Mayor McGrath and the Soldiers Memorial Hall Advisory committee have expressed support for this idea. 

Will the new Library be built in less than four years? Would the agreement to occupy the old Ambulance station last that long?

Can the legal advice the YDHS has been forced to seek prevent the Archives team from being locked out of the Archives even when the roofing is complete?

Is there some way the Archives can continue to operate as a working Archive so that some income from research requests comes in to offset YDHS costs?

Historical society – Ellen Thomson, Yass Queen of the Allies, her diaries span two World Wars

Is support from our State MP Wendy Tuckerman, our Federal member Kristy McBain and Labor candidate Mike Pilbrow, our Mayor and some Councillors going to be enough to get a satisfactory resolution to this mess? 

At the moment the only things sure in this world for the Society is death, taxes and tarpaulins.

Judith Davidson