Enrolments are now open for Berinba Public School’s Kindergarten class of 2024. To show what the school has to offer for curious parents and potential students, Berinba will be holding an open night on the 13th of June, located on the school grounds at 81 Church St, Yass, in which teachers and current students will hold a session discussing curriculum, programs and a potential tour of the school.


In preparation for enrolment, Berinba will also be holding a Kindergarten Transition Playgroup on the 29th of August, 1:30-2:30 pm in which children can play with other children of the same age to become familiar with school-based play environments.


A Kindergarten Parent Information session will also be held in the school hall from 9:30 am to 11:00 am on the 8th of November, for parents to learn about uniforms, the canteen and other school-based information as well as pre-school visits throughout term four.

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Principal Malena Waibel spoke to the Yass Valley Times, talking about what makes Berinba special, some of the opportunities and programs available, and what to expect from these information sessions.

Berinba Public School Principal Malena Waibel

On the capabilities, experience and application of teaching among staff members, Malena spoke highly of her staff, saying;


“Across our staff, we have a lot of experience supporting students whether they have higher needs or whether they’re gifted and talented, so our staff are quite well versed in being able to differentiate and cater to the children’s point of need in where they are, whether they’re quite high academically or high in sporting endeavours”, said Malena, speaking further on the application of curriculum;

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“Our teachers are very experienced and very well versed in the new curriculum that our kindergartens are thriving on and the teachers have adapted well to.”


Berinba boasts multiple extracurricular and arts-based programs, including performing arts such as choir and dance, which perform at the School Spectacular show yearly, as well as drumming and dance groups that are given the chance to perform at the Southern Tablelands dance in Goulburn.

Berinba Public is well known for its all school participation in musicals

“We really try to cover the breadth of all our students and try to cater for those interests and provide a high level of engagement”, said Malena.


On highlights for 2023’s Kindergarten class, Malena discussed the new addition of the $500,000 nature playground, saying;


“A big highlight for our students has been our new nature playground, which we just finished construction on. We’ve updated a few of our other playgrounds as well”, said Malena, commenting on why the playgrounds are so important for young children;

“It promotes natural play. It’s also an inclusive playground, it caters to students of all levels”, said Malena.

Malena prides the school on its child-focused playgrounds, programs and teaching methods, noting its importance in social and educational development.


“We always have something going on for our kids. We don’t segregate our playgrounds, the kindergartens can go out and play with their year 6 buddies.” It’s a very nurturing and warm school in that they are always going to find someone that they can play with and it doesn’t matter what grade they are in, they all play with each other which is really nice”


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