Syd (pictured above) is currently trialing a new home after being surrendered to the Yass Valley Rescue Centre. (photo from Yass Valley Animal Shelter)

We know how great our pets make us feel and want to give them the best home possible. But what happens when Christmas passes and that adorable bundle of fur just isn’t working out for you and your lifestyle? It’s important to remember that the Animal Shelter is a last resort for any dog. Yass Valley Animal Shelter staff work with rescue organisations throughout Australia and the community to find a suitable forever home for each dog. Unfortunately, across NSW (and the ACT) many animal shelters are full with an influx of new dogs still expected around Christmas. How can we work together to make sure we don’t see animals end up in shelters? Do your research.



Does the person want a pet? Will it work with their lifestyle? Are they financially ready to take on a pet? Are they prepared to take the pet with them on trips/put them in a kennel? Will the pet get along with children or other pets? Will the pet have a lot of energy and need to go on daily walks? Will they need regular attention? These are some of the questions worth considering before you take the leap.



If you are in a situation where you need to look for an alternative home for your pet, please contact animal shelters or rescue organisations for advice. However, as shelters and rescue centres across NSW are overflowing they may not be able to assist you with your rehoming request.



If your newest family member isn’t working out with your lifestyle there are a few things to consider. Do they just need training? Can you get them used to other pets by bringing them to a dog park? Have you taken them for a walk? Have you spent some quality ‘family time’ between you, your family and the pet? If you’ve done your research and you are 100% sure, please consider adopting a pet from a rescue centre or shelter.



Yass Valley Animal Shelter currently has a 2 year old Cattle dog named Thea (pictured above) who is looking for her forever home. For more information about Thea, or any of the other dogs in our rescue centre, please visit their Facebook page. Yass Valley Animal Shelter would like to thank everyone who shares our posts and assists in other ways to help find forever homes for the dogs that come into our care. It is greatly appreciated. Thea is a 2 year old Maremma Sheepdog Cross Australian Cattle dog who is currently looking for her forever home.

Thanks to YVC for their assistance with this information.