Photo: Magpies Reserve Grade Players Player Andrew Swaffield

The Yass Magpies First Grade suffered a comprehensive loss falling 62 – 18 while Reserve Grade lost 6 – 22 to the Queanbeyan Blues in Saturday’s match at Seiffert Oval in the Blumers Lawyers Canberra Raiders Cup competition.

First Grade Coach Cam Hardy said the Yass side saw too many mistakes and unforced errors adding that they were their own worst enemy.

“The teams capitalize on [Yass’ unforced errors] and we play ourselves out of the game, unfortunately,” Cam said. “But I will say there was a massive effort.”

“It was a massive effort but until we stop making those unforced errors that will continue to happen, unfortunately.”

The coach said the Queanbeyan Blues are easily the best side Yass has played all year. However, he said the final score should have been a lot closer.

“There was no doubt [the score should’ve been closer], but the effort was there. I get that but again, we are young.”

“We’re not completing our sets, we’ve got poor discipline with the ball, which puts us on the backfoot,” he said. “We don’t respond to an error very well, so an error usually ends up costing us points.”

“We just fell short, but our errors cost us again,” the coach said. “They continue to cost us and they will continue to cost us unless we have a bit of discipline with the football.”

Cam said when the boys get to the end of the field and give themselves a try opportunity, they often come away with the points.

Although there were a couple of good performers on the paddock young middle unit Kyle Danilczak played a fantastic 80 minutes.

“In either the front row or at lock, 80 minutes for someone is an unbelievable effort,” the coach said. “It was a massive effort, and he got the three points and deserved it.”

Kyle has been playing footy for a while but 80 minutes as a middle unit player is an impressive feat even for an experienced player.

The Yass Magpies are up against the Belconnen United Sharks on June 18 at 3pm at Walker Park.

“We’re confident every week,” he said. “We ended up beating ourselves I think more so but the Blue’s are certainly a formidable outfit and quality side.

Brianna O’Rourke