Mayor Allan McGrath before he lays a wreath

More than 130 members of the public including RSL members and dignitaries attended the Remembrance Day commemoration held at the Yass Memorial Hall on Comur Street on Saturday. The street was blocked off by Council staff to ensure that the large crowd could stand on the road way and not have to crowd the memorial area. Seating was provided and utilised by some of the older member of the community.

RSL members Al Charry and Luke Hagerty were part of the proceedings and were ably assisted by a number of members of the community in what was a very well runand dignified service



Luke Hagerty raising the flag


The welcome was provided by Mr Charry with the introduction provided before a prayer for peace was read. Following this a prayer of remembrance and the Remembrance Day requiescat was read. All of the conflicts of which Australia has been involved in since WWl were acknowledged. The ode was read and was followed by the Last Post, Rouse and Benediction, before the national Anthem rang out, which played the first and second verses. The warm day meant that those who attended headed indoors for light refreshments after the service.

Mayor Allan McGrath said, “The 11th hour of the 11th day is something that I have grown up with. Anzac Day since the 75th anniversary has seen everyone get up to speed with that. With the new leadership at the RSL, they are trying to reinvigorate the day. The past committees and the new one have always worked hard.”

Al Charry making a speech


Deputy Mayor Cayla Pothan said, “For me it’s really important that we keep these traditions alive, I know myself my grandfather and father served, it’s to pay my respects and acknowledge those who have fought, made even more important by what’s happening overseas at the moment. It’s great to see families here and its great to see the Red Cross, the Yass District Police and the War Widows Association to name a few.”

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