With winter falling over the Yass Valley, now is the best time to stock up on firewood and winter essentials. Fortunately, Yass local Business Robertson’s Landscape and Haulage, or Robo’s for short, is a provider of high-quality and Australian-sourced firewood, as well as other materials, landscaping equipment and garden care. Located on 26 Warroo Road, Robo’s provides for the community’s landscaping needs. 


On items available from Robos’s, the store covers a broad range, including gardening, landscaping and builders’ supplies. The gardening range includes various sands, pebbles, wood chips, mulches, top soil, lawn mixes, compost, potting mixes, road bases and aggregate, with landscaping and builder’s materials including pine sleepers, railway sleepers, pavers, concrete slabs, step treads, bagged cement and concrete mix. Other notable products include fertiliser, such as Worm Hit, a pellet-sized casing containing intensive, concentrated fertiliser. 


“Basically you could create an entire garden bed or garden scape”, said staff member Fiona Langtry. 

However, the most popular item year-round and especially at this time of year, is Robertson’s firewood, typically sold by the ton, with a certified weighbridge on site. The weighbridge ensures that customers know what they are getting in weight compared to a ute or trailer load.


“We have quality split firewood – ready to go. Pick it up from our yard or we can deliver it to you. Weighbridge ticket with every delivery”, as stated by Robos’ website. 

“The firewood is particular to this time of year, we like to call it the good wood, as much as possible we get the best quality we can”, said Fiona, commenting on its popularity,  “We’ve had back orders we’ve been filling for the past couple of weeks, so definitely firewood is our biggest thing”

Almost all available products are Australian-sourced, with the exception of specialised imported fertilisers. These products are sourced throughout New South Wales and Victoria. 


“They’re sourced directly from quarries, and our own fleet of trucks collect them and dump them directly here, so there’s no middle man, we source the best quality and price we can”, said Fiona. 


These products can be made more convenient with direct ordering, further eliminating any middlemen. 


“Our trucks and haulage side of things can make deliveries from quarries directly to people if they need a large amount, otherwise we have a number of trucks and drivers that will deliver pretty much anywhere, weather permitting”, said Fiona. 

Robertson’s haulage

Robertson’s takes great pride in its locality and involvement with the community, standing as a supplier to Yass institutions and community groups as well as further involvement in local activities and events. Robertson’s uses local drivers and employees, giving back to the community. 


“We employ local people, local drivers, we’ve got local knowledge, most people around town would know Kerry Smith who’s our landscape advisor extraordinaire”, said Fiona, commenting further on Robertson’s involvement with the community. 


“It’s great to be involved in the community. We supply the local schools, we like supporting different local charities and supporting our local sports teams. It’s all about being a part of the community, we get involved as much as we can.”

Griffin Palen