The Bowning Hall Association’s “Rocky Horror Picture Show Night” was a huge success on Friday, as the hall association welcomed a fresh set of eyes into their hall.

A member of the new committee, Stuart Atkins, was optimistic by the response from the community.

“It was a great little event!”

Barry O’Mara goes all out for a good cause!

“We only had just under 40 people there, but we had no idea how many we were going to get to the event, so we were happy with that, and we got a little bit of a profit out of it,” he said.

Frances & Stuart Atkins dress up for a good cause

As for the intricacies of the night, most of the crowd in attendance got involved with the dress theme and enjoyed the food and drinks available in the canteen.

“People came dressed up for the theme of Rocky Horror and participated in the event,”

“We had a good canteen going as well for the cool night, and that helped us along as well financially, and then people at the end stayed to do the cleanup.”

People came in from as far as Canberra, and many headed off to “support the local pub” once the cleanup had concluded.

“It was our first foray into fundraising for the new committee, and it was a good start, so now we’ve got to think about what comes next,” said Stuart.

The Bowning Hall Association is interested in listening to any ideas you may have or any events you’d like to run with the hall through the Bowning Community Hall Facebook group.

Max O’Driscoll