R Langley, Greenthorpe sold 72 XB Lambs with Holman Tolmie for a sale top of $234ph. 13 Limousin X Steers sold by Delta on behalf of J&M Haskins, Canberra for 520c/kg, ave 477.3kg, $2482ph (Photos SELX).

Prime Sheep & Lamb – 19 January 2022 | Total Yarding: 12,627

Lamb numbers doubled and the quality was good. There were plenty of unshorn store lambs and a very good runs of trade weights up to 26kg. Heavy lambs were back in numbers. Despite all the usual buyers operating the market trend was cheaper.

Unshorn store lambs were $2 to $3 cheaper selling from $136 to $178/head. Trade weights dropped $13 to $15 selling from $160 to an exceptionally fresh pen of lambs that reached $213/head. Most averaged 780c to 800c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs sold from $196 to $204/head.

Shorn trade lambs were back $15 to $20/head and sold between $153 and $208/head to average 815c to 830c/kg cwt and heavy lambs $200 to $224/head. Extra heavy lambs $226 to $232/head. Best hogget reached $202/head.

Mutton numbers lifted and quality was fair to good. Prices fell $15 to $20/head on average with some sales more. Medium weight ewes ranged from $101 to long skinned Merinos that reached $163/head. Heavy crossbred ewes sold to $185 and restockers paid to $205/head. The best of the wethers reached $196/head.

Prime Cattle – 20 January 2022 | Total Yarding: 598

Cattle numbers increased and the quality was fair to good. Yearlings were best supplied and there were a few heavy bullocks. Feeders and restockers purchased most of the cattle with trade buys very limited. Grown heifers were in short supply and only 35 cows were penned. The market was firm to cheaper.

The few weaners sold 6c cheaper with steers 580c to 670c and light heifers topped at 720c/kg. Feeder steers were 2c to 9c cheaper and averaged from 515c to 585c with the best prices feeders reaching 675c/kg. Feeder heifers were 7c softer selling from 460c to 555c/kg.

Grown steers and bullocks sold from 325c to 440 and plainer two tooth steers to feed reached 480c/kg. Cows were 25c cheaper on the smaller run with 2 score cows 240c to 289c and heavy 3 and 4 scores 310c to 330c/kg. There were several pen of cow and calf units sold open auction on ranged from $2575 to first calvers that reached $4060/unit.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.