The Binalong locals attempting to save their Community Club have come up with their next big fundraising idea, Sculpture on the Green.

Camilla Duffy, one of the Directors of the Binalong Community Club, explained why she thinks it’s so important that the club be maintained.”

“I think it’s really important for villages like Binalong to not lose what we have, because as you start losing things, it’s a roll on effect.”

“The club was originally built by locals and was always run by locals, and we’re just trying to keep it running,” she said.

The club comprises a small clubhouse, an 18 hole sand green golf course and a bowling green. Recently, the volunteer group found someone to run the kitchen for them on Sunday nights.

“We’ve got a girl running the kitchen now, so it’s run separately. She only opens on Sunday nights during winter and hopefully in summer she’ll open more, and we can be hired out for events, the space and the kitchen,” said Camilla.

The club recently hosted its “Dancing with the Locals” fundraising event and will host the New South Wales Sand Green Championships next year in October.

“We’re just now trying to think of an event that we could run every year or every second year and utilise it, and get some people out of Yass and Canberra and bring them over to Binalong,” said Camilla.

They’ve also recently revealed their plans for “Sculpture on the Green” and have called on the assistance of Yass Sculptor Al Phemister, to help them out.

“The concentration is all on community, community partnerships and working together,” said Al.

Many of our readers would recall, Al used to run a very similar event out of Cooma Cottage.

“There used to be an event here out of Cooma Cottage called Sculpture in the Paddock.”

“I started and ran that for the first five years that it ran, which is why they approached me because they know I know what I’m doing and I’ve got my contacts.”

“Being a sculptor myself it’s always good for there to be more events for we sculptors to exhibit and sell our work at,” he said.

Al is confident and hopeful that the event will gather interest from artists far and wide.

“I reckon we’ll get quite a bit of interest. Invitations to artists have gone out and we’ll expect artists from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT particularly this year.”

“The thing that we like about this is Binalong is kind of on the way to places, and it’s not far from Canberra so we do expect Canberrans will come and visit and have a look.”

“The locals in the Valley here will definitely support it and in my experience a lot of people travelling past will notice and either stop or come back for it,” he said.

The Sculpture on the Green idea originated on the Central Coast over a decade ago.

“It’s actually quite interesting, it’s been quite a collaboration. Sculpture on the Green started more than 10 years ago on the Central Coast up at Wyong and it was most recently run by friends of mine and at the moment they’re having a hiatus.”

“They’re sharing their resources and information with us.”

“We’re going to be called Sculpture on the Green – Binalong and our thought is sharing information, resources and things like that, it helps everybody out.”

The Sculpture on the Green hopes to have its opening night on Saturday the 25th of September, with Covid permitting. More information will be available closer to the date.

“We’ll be showcasing local wines. People are donating wine for the opening and it’s a real case of showcasing what we have here and inviting people to come and see it and locals to come experience it/ re-experience it,” said Al.

Camilla also wanted the community to know that the committee is always interested in anyone that thinks they could be of use to the club.

“If people want to contact us through social media or through our email address on the website. We are completely happy for people to come out and help. If someone says ‘I love gardening and have an hour spare every week!’ we’re more than welcoming to that.”

“We’d love more volunteers because at the moment there’s about a core five of us that are doing everything,” she said.

The community of Binalong rallies perhaps like no other. Support their Sculpture on the Green opening night, and help them keep their much-loved Community Club alive.

Max O’Driscoll