The Yass Valley may have another major Service Centre if a proposal is resolved in the affirmative at tonight’s (Wednesday 28th of October) Yass Valley Council meeting. If approved, the centre will join the current centre and a centre yet to be constructed at Bowning, which was approved in 2019.

It has been recommended by YVC that 1. A Deferred Commencement Development Consent be issued for Development Application No. DA165280 for the establishment of a Highway Service Centre on proposed Lot 1 of the subdivision of Lot 1 DP 842644 and Lot 34 DP 871286 Yass Valley Way 2. The commencement of the Development Consent be deferred until such time that the Applicant has completed the subdivision DA145283 works enabling the creation of legal title for the land subject of DA165280.

According to the YVC business paper, the construction will cost $4,500,000

The proposal was originally lodged on 16 December 2016 and re-lodged 21 May 2020. The site is 3.35 hectares and is zoned IN1 General Industrial and SP2 Infrastructure.

The site is a proposed lot in an approved 24 lot industrial subdivision, located approximately 6km north-west of the Yass Township and opposite the existing North Yass service centre. The South Eastern Livestock Exchange and a fertilizer production business are located to the east of the site. The land immediately adjoining the subdivision site is currently used for agricultural purposes.


According to the Council report, In June 2017, Council considered a report on the permissibility of a Service Centre at the site. Legal advice indicating the proposal was prohibited in the zone. Council determined to defer consideration of the proposal pending the outcome of a Planning Proposal to include a Service Centre within the zone as a permissible land use. In February 2018 the Planning Proposal amending the Yass Valley Local Environmental Plan 2013 was gazetted.

The submitted proposal for the highway service centre includes the construction of:  A service station with a convenience store, fuel canopy, separate diesel canopy and underground fuel tanks. Takeaway food and drink premises. A truckers lounge and amenities. On-site parking. A new access point comprising of a left-out only onto Yass Valley Way. Four access points on to the new internal roads (to be constructed as part of the subdivision)

A total of 95 car parking spaces are provided comprising of:  64 general car parking spaces. 10 staff car park spaces. 6 trailer spaces. 2 spaces for loading/unloading/service vehicles. 2 coach parking spaces. 10 spaces for B Doubles and 3 spaces for A Doubles.

Pursuant to Section 7.12 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, a monetary contribution of $45,000.00 shall be paid to Council prior to the issue of Building Construction Certificate. The contribution is current as at the date of this consent and is levied in accordance with the Draft Yass Valley Section 7.12 Contributions Plan 2018 based on 1% of the estimated construction cost of $4,500,000.00 and will be adjusted at the time of payment in accordance with the changes in Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Sydney.

A levy under the Building and Construction Industry Long Service Payments Act 1986, equivalent to 0.35% of the value of the works, shall be paid to Council, where the value of such works is greater than $25,000.00

A Certificate of Compliance shall be obtained for the augmentation of Council’s water supply system under section 305 Water Management Act 2000. The fee for the Certificate of Compliance is $215,933.86.

A Certificate of Compliance shall be obtained for the augmentation of Council’s sewer system under section 305 Water Management Act 2000. The fee for the Certificate of Compliance is $147,763.05.

The facility will open on the back of the Coolac Service Centre located approximately 80 kilometres to the south-west on the Hume Highway which opened in August.