Sixty years on, Shirley Williamson is still having a hit at the local golf club, where she has been a member since 1962.

The ladies’ golf team presented her with a beautiful arrangement of flowers, wine, and a gift voucher to celebrate the milestone.

Shirley has served as President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Captain of Yass Women’s Golf. In 2004 she became the first Director of Women’s Golf at Yass Golf Club after being awarded life membership in 2002.

At the mention of her 60 years at the club, Shirley said, “It’s a lot of golf, isn’t it? A lot of work at times, but very enjoyable”.

Born in 1937, Shirley’s family moved to Yass from Crookwell shortly after she was born and she has been here ever since.

She got into the club and ball sport through an invitation from her mother-in-law who at the time lived opposite the Golf Club.

“[My mother-in-law] said, ‘come up and we’ll have a hit and see if you would like to play golf’.”

When Shirley became the first-ever Director of Women’s Golf at YGC, she said it was certainly interesting attending the board meetings with the men.

“Early in the piece, when the Women’s Golf was Yass Golf Associates, we had our own committee and organised everything ourselves,” she said. “But then in 2004 we amalgamated and came under the one umbrella.”

“That was when we had the first Director of Women’s Golf… I was the Women’s Club Captain at that time and then I became the first Director of Women’s Golf.”

Shirley retired as Director in 2011 and continued as a member of the Women’s Golf Committee – “They haven’t got sick of me yet, I hope.”

She added that anyone can get involved in the sport if they’re interested.

“With all the committees I’ve worked on over the years, the women have been so helpful to any new beginners and encourage them to keep coming and playing,” Shirley said. “Because we’ve got a lovely golf course right in the centre of town, which is marvellous.”

Although 60 years is a long stint to some, Shirley said she has thoroughly enjoyed her time at the club.

“It was such a dedication to play and be involved in watching the Club grow and it was wonderful to see particularly on the women’s side.”

“We’ve got a really good board up there at the moment and they’re very diligent with what they do,” she said. “We seem to be going reasonably well now that things are settling down a little after COVID-19.”

“Come up and meet us we’re always looking for new members and we’ve had an influx of new members too,” she said. “It’s really great to see them settling in and playing with the girls.”

“It’s just something that’s been an absolute pleasure working with everyone [at the Golf Club] and doing all that work to keep the club going,” Shirley said. “We want to keep the club going, it’s such an asset to the town.”

“I think [golf] is really something that’s very enjoyable once you get hooked on it, I mean it’s a great sport and it keeps you fit.”

Brianna O’Rourke