The Yass Valley SPIN Foundation has gifted defibrillator machines to four schools within the Yass Valley that did not already have access to one.

Mt Carmel, Berinba Public, Bowning Public and Gundaroo Public were the four schools to receive the vital equipment, with the hope being that they never have to be used, but no doubt providing comfort and security for the staff and students of the schools.

The defibrillators were presented to the schools last week, with SPIN Foundation volunteers visiting all four schools to provide the equipment.

Desnee Pack & Rod Pack from the Yass Valley SPIN Foundation presenting Bowning School student Lewis Sellers & Principal Laura Holt with a Defibrillator Machine.

Barry O’Mara & Yvonne O’Mara from the Yass Valley SPIN Foundation presenting Gundaroo School Principal Rebecca Harris with a Defibrillator Machine.

Cheryl Scorgie & Donna Luff from the Yass Valley SPIN Foundation presenting Principal Michael Green from Mt Carmel School with a Defibrillator Machine 

Barry O’Mara from Yass Valley SPIN Foundation said it was a great opportunity for the SPIN Foundation to help the community.

“They’re just a vital piece of equipment to have out in the community these days when almost anyone in the community can use them.”

“We rung around all the schools, and there were four in the Shire that didn’t have them or didn’t have access to them.”

“We just thought it was a good opportunity to supply those schools, with the amount of grandparents that take kids to schools, it just made a lot of sense,” he said.

The importance of defibrillators in schools extends beyond merely the students, teachers and visitors of the schools and into the wider community which surrounds them.

“As most of the schools are in reasonably high populated areas as well, they’re accessible to the general public as well, not just for the school use,” he said.

The defibrillator packs come with different equipment for use on children and infants, as they can be helpful in a range of medical emergencies.

The four gifted defibrillators mean all schools within the Yass Valley now have close access to a defibrillator, making Yass Valley safer, courtesy of the Yass Valley SPIN Foundation.

Max O’Driscoll