When did YVDS open & what can people expect from your Spa?

We opened in October 2021 & you can expect to receive Spa therapists that have a real passion for making people feel great about themselves, whether that be through the range of beauty treatments we have available or perhaps one of the spa treatment options. Our range of packages allows clients to spend a few hours or even a whole day relaxing, rejuvenating and pampering themselves. We focus on providing a relaxing environment, exceptional treatments, attentive service and an experience like no other. Our offering is truly unique to each client, with every treatment tailored to the needs of the client, even extending to custom-blend skincare products – because we know no two skins are the same!

Emma shows us the Yass Valley Day Spa sauna

What are some of the treatments that you offer?

Some of our unique offerings include the Vichy shower treatment, pregnancy massage and belly facials, body treatments for the ill, far-infrared sauna and even gentlemen’s packages. This year we have extended our treatment menu to include children’s pamper parties, where we provide a range of age-appropriate beauty treatments & party games, ensuring the children have the same opportunity that our adult pamper parties offer of relaxing, socialising and ultimately feeling special whilst being pampered. The easiest way for people to look at our spa menu or to book is online at www.yass-valleydayspa.com.au

Just some of the treatments available at Yass Valley Day Spa

Do you offer gift vouchers?

We sure do! A gift voucher is a beautiful present idea for that someone special. But we also offer memberships, which is a unique way of visiting the spa on a more regular basis. For example, we have a membership offer where for as little as $15 a week, you receive 6 full body massages spaced out throughout the year at a time when you really need it & with Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s certainly a present that all the mums out there will ultimately love as it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.