Picture above – The family picking crew in the thick of harvest

Every now and again I come across a local Yass Valley wine label that my eyes have never fixed on before.  One such label is this week’s ‘swirl’ – the Gounyan Wines Sangiovese 2021 – never seen it before, but very happy to have found it nestled on the well-stocked local wine shelves at the Yass Valley Information Centre.  According to their website, the Gounyan vineyard is nestled on the lower slopes of Cockatoo Hill on Gounyan Road between Yass and Murrumbateman. Many moons ago, the site was once a gold mine.  Now, the site produces bottles of crimson gold in the form of seductive Sangiovese.

  The wine is a vibrant and bright crimson colour in the glass.  A swirl reveals aromas of ripe red cherries and blood plums with a good shake of cool climate-induced spices of star anise and white pepper.  The palate is medium-bodied with waves of vibrant red cherry and plum flavours and spice notes.  A lovely balance of fruit sweetness and acidity combined with a pillowy plush of soft tannins produces a delightful and delicious finish.

We enjoyed our bottle with Korean style BBQ beef with Gojuchang chilli paste and roasted sesame sauce.  The fruit and acidity of the wine are a great partner for the kick of spicy beef.  This would go superbly with chargrilled lamb cutlets drizzled with a dressing of garlic, rosemary, cracked pepper and olive oil. 

I bought mine from the Yass Valley Information Centre, but you purchase it at the popular deli and bottle shop Thyme To Taste or call in a direct order for $27 plus delivery from Gounyan Wines

Sixty-Second Swirl by Brent Lello, Yass Valley Times Wine Columnist