The Gunning Courtroom is blessed with excellent acoustics and historical charm, making it a terrific chamber music venue. Marketers would describe it as “an intimate performance space”. We ordinary folk just say it is small.

Imagine 21 singers and musicians plus a big audience crammed into this little room! Is it even possible? It certainly is. Gunning Focus Group has done it twice in recent years with Sydney-based troupe Loosely Woven.

Pictured above: Loosely Woven in the Courtroom in March 2020, just as the impact of Covid 19 was becoming apparent. Social distancing provisions had been introduced late the previous day, and, clearly, we had not quite got the hang of the new rules yet.

See Courtroom cramming and experience a musical delight for yourself at 1pm on Saturday 2 April when Loosely Woven returns to their favourite Courtroom for the first time in over two years.

Local organisers Gunning Focus Group are delighted to welcome Loosely Woven back and say your absolute enjoyment is guaranteed. This deservedly popular group will present a light-hearted, folky acoustic concert called We’ll Meet Again. The production will also be flavoured with just a touch of classical.

Tickets: $30, members $20, U 15 free. Pay by cash or card [fee applies] at the door. Bookings/enquiries are welcome at or 0429 906 834.