Thank a First Responder Day is today, and it serves as an important reminder of the sacrifices our first responder men and women make everyday to keep us safe.

It also provides an opportunity to note the sacrifices made by their friends and family through association, who have to live their life everyday knowing their loved one could be at risk.

The day encourages us all to reach out to a first responder we may know, or perhaps one we pass on the street and offer our thanks for the work they do, that often goes underappreciated.

Cafe Dolcetto is one of the organisations doing their bit to say thanks, and putting on a free breakfast this morning for first responders and their families.

The egg and bacon roll breakfast, according to Cafe Dolcetto’s Leigh Robinson, is their way of giving back to the people who give their community so much.

“It’s a great cause.”

“It’s a thankless job for them, there’s not a lot of appreciation for them and this is us doing what we can to show them we appreciate what they do for the community and often at the detriment of their own family as well.”

“They’re always out there, and do a lot for the community and with all the fires and crashes and things they have to see, I just feel like if we can do this little something to say thank you,” she said.

Particular to Yass, Leigh said our first responders are “amazing people” and that she’d like to support them anyway she can.

“I do appreciate everything they do, they’re amazing people and what they do and see everyday it must be tough at times.”

“Anything we can do to help support them we will do it as well,” she said.

There are a few other groups assumed to be getting involved, with organisers of the day encouraging the public to turn the town teal in support of their first responders.

The Yass Valley Times is privileged to be able to tell the stories of just some of the work of the amazing men and women first responders of the Yass Valley, and would like to thank them for not only being great at what they do, but being great people as well.

Max O’Driscoll