Rotary stall working bee gives a fresh lick of paint and clean.

In 2004 The Rotary Club of Yass gifted to our community the Rotary Street Stall, replacing an earlier version with a much more modern and user-friendly facility. Since then, it has been used by countless organisations to raise money for worthy causes.

That frequent use has left some marks of wear and tear on the exterior, so members of the Rotary Club have given it a facelift. We stripped the flaking paint off and applied three coats of special-purpose paint of the same colour.

Most of the flaking paint has been caused by users applying strong adhesive tape and blue tack for their advertising material and price lists. To address this problem we also have affixed a wooden beam along the front of the stall, under the serving counter, to which we ask that users pin their advertising and price lists on.

President of Rotary, Mick Newling said, “I was disappointed when I opened the stall recently, to see that some users had left various items on and under the benches and left a mess for others to clean up. Items found included items of clothing, unsold goods, a shipping pallet and dirty cleaning equipment. This will all go to the tip”.

Mick continued “When we finished our work there last Sunday it is now clean and tidy and I would urge all future users of the stall to keep it that way. It is fitted with a small fridge, which should be turned off and the door left open, a microwave oven, which should be cleaned after use and a water boiler which should be emptied and left upside down”.

The street stall is a valuable community asset and with proper use and maintenance should serve us for many years to come.

By Rotary Club of Yass