Founder and coach at The Valley Boxing Gym, Aaron Reid, took seven of his athletes up to the Auburn PCYC gym in Sydney earlier this month to compete in the King of the Ring event.

The King of the Ring boxing event ran from Thursday March 9th until Saturday March 11th and is one of the biggest calendar events in Australia with over 220 fights during the three-day event.

The Valley Boxing Gym managed to take home one gold and five silver medals, with Kylie Adams taking out the 67kg Female Masters Champion.

Aaron Reid spoke to The Times after returning to Yass.

“We took two masters boxers, which are over the age of 40, and five kids, to have seven boxers in total,” Reid said.

“We got five silver and one gold medals. There’re over 220 fights over the weekend with about 350 athletes.

“Kylie Adams got the gold for us. She beat a woman from Manly in the final. Kylie has been with me since when I didn’t have a gym and was on the grass on the Riverbank.

“Kylie has been sitting in the background, working away and I thought it was time we got her out and had a go.

“She dominated the final the whole way. She was on the front foot, her hands were high and was throwing punches in volume.

“I’m very proud of all my fighters. Mikayla fought the Australian champion for the fourth time. She got a really rough decision. I thought Mikayla won the second and third round. That was Mikayla’s 18th fight in just over a year.

“The others were all fresh. They’re a new bunch that I’ve been training up. The King of the Ring was a very big event and can be very overwhelming.

“I’ve got another 14 fighters from the age of 10 that I’m developing. We’ll have a stable in the near future of about 28 fighters.”

Aaron told The Times following the King of the Ring event on the Sunday, the whole Valley Boxing Gym crew went to watch the Tim Tszyu and Tony Harrison interim WBO super welterweight title fight in Sydney, which Tszyu ultimately won.

“The King of the Ring event was meant to run from Friday to Sunday but they moved it forward a day for the Tim Tszyu world title fight, which we went to,” Reid continued.

“Everyone did the gym proud over the weekend. We’re a little backyard gym and are outgrowing the backyard pretty fast.

“I’m trying to have a talk to Council at the moment about giving us a bigger space.”

Tim Warren