In true Thyme to Taste style, there was no pretence for the opening of the new emporium on Comur Street, Yass. Proprietor Andrew Dodds simply rolled up the blinds, unlocked the door and welcomed people in.

Despite the lack of fanfare, this is a big dream finally realised after 12 years for Mr Dodds and partner Lee-Ann who pioneered the alternative cafe and deli when there was nothing like it in Yass.

The couple had been living in Sydney’s Inner West and moved to the regional town to open Thyme to Taste before Clementine Restaurant, Yazzbar and Trader & Co existed.

After taming the successful cafe which grew bigger than anticipated, combined with the opportunity to buy the former dry cleaners next door, the emporium is up and running with its own style, intended to be run as a separate, second business.

“This is probably closer to our original idea,” Mr Dodds said looking around the emporium. “The cafe just exploded and dominated for a number of years. But when we had the opportunity to take this (the building next door) over, we started to focus on what we originally wanted.”

“Inside, we’ll be promoting local and regional wine, independent beers, ciders and spirits and food items that match those,” Mr Dodds said.

Thyme is right for Emporium – first visitors on opening day earlier this monthIf you currently venture to the beer and cider fridges at Hops and Vine in Hall just outside the Yass Valley, then you’ll be excited to know your travel time for the same experience has been shortened. The fridges at the emporium are bubbling with flavour from a wide variety of craft beers and ciders.

It’s like a mini visitor centre with the knowledge to back the products, as Mr Dodds described it.

His recommendation when visiting the emporium is “a bit of cheese and wine, the perfect match to head off to the park with.” And Riverbank Park is only a five-minute walk away.

The emporium is currently open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 am until 4 pm. The plan is to also open on Wednesday pending staff, Mr Dodds said.

Along with the original Thyme to Taste cafe, the Thyme to Taste emporium is yet another notch on Yass’ hipster belt of businesses including the newly renovated Clementine Bakery, Trader & Co, Yazzbar, Tootsie and Aaron Nettheim’s hipster flare at Patrick’s Butchery.