Photo: Lachlan Harrington (The Boxing Book)

The Valley Boxing Gym on Meehan Street saw one victory, two losses and one exhibition at a Victorian tournament recently.

Makayla Armstrong, who hails from Canberra but trains in Yass, had an impressive win at just 13-years-old against her 15-year-old opponent.

Makayla Armstrong (The Boxing Book)

Valley Boxing Gym owner and coach Aaron Reid said Makayla defeated her opponent in her own town, which is pretty rare.

Describing her as a “tough girl”, Aaron said she’s going to do some good things in the ring.

“[Makayla’s] a really good boxer and she did everything we’ve been practicing.”

Aaron said Makayla’s opponent was trained by high-end Victorian coach Gerry Murphy who boasts over 30,000 followers on Facebook.

“They thought they were coming for a little Yass country town walkthrough, an easy win for their first night,” Aaron said of Makayla’s win.

Meanwhile, Mitchell Blundell, 13, had a pretty close fight with just 11 months of training under his belt against his opponent who had four years of experience.

Mitchell Blundell (The Boxing Book)

Aaron said 15-year-old Lachlan Harrington had a tough night against his taller opponent and unfortunately lost his match in the 54kg weight category.

“He put in an awesome effort, he’s got a lot of heart and he didn’t take a backward step.”

Lachlan is now set to step down a weight category from 54kg to 51kg by the beginning of April.

Lastly, Aaron said young Slater Hollis had an exhibition where he did well.

“The tournament was a pretty high-end show because it was the Commonwealth selection [in Victoria],” Aaron said. “We stood up in a big environment and I was very happy with everyone, we didn’t look out of place.”

“If I look through the footage, everything that’s in the drills, the sparring and all the stuff that we’ve been practicing, they put it into place.”

“I couldn’t have faulted it.”

Slater Hollis and Coach Aaron Reid (The Boxing Book)

Aaron opened the boxing gym just over a year ago in Yass and has between 40 to 60 clients coming through from the ages of 10 to 47.

“We’ve had to develop everyone from scratch and to do it in such a short timeframe we’ve done well.”

The Valley Boxing Gym has a junior fight team, a 6- to 10-year-old class, beginners contact class, adult fitness, adult contact and a senior fight team class running throughout the week.

By Brianna O’Rourke