A bus stop in Murrumbateman has been vandalised this week after the windows were broken leaving glass strewn over the ground.

Residents took to the local Murrumbateman Notice Board Facebook page to express their disappointment in the reoccurring vandalism of public property.

“The side piece was flapping around in the wind yesterday when I drove past, thought to myself someone needed to come pull it out before it started flicking fragments everywhere,” one user commented. “I was glad when I drove past again to at least see it laying on the ground.”

“That bus stop is shocking.”

“Unfortunately it’s not the ones that actually use it doing the damage,” another said.

“Unfortunately not such a great idea for the children (mostly primary school) who use that bus stop,” someone wrote in response to a comment that suggested removing the shelter altogether.

“They are equally unimpressed when it gets damaged, especially when it is wet and windy,” they said. “Given the shelter’s rather central location, it probably isn’t even kids that use that shelter doing the vandalism.”

“I live nearby and you’d be surprised at the antics that go on near there by teens, adults, and cars!”

“Very disappointing that and graffiti appearing on other shelters,” another said. “Yass country council campaigned hard to get the shelters we got along with assistance from trans border.”

Another user questioned why glass is still used in these bus stops.

“Not saying smashing public asset is right but its been happening all over the world for years ! The rest of the world stopped putting glass in public places ! [sic].”