Berinba Public School has started off the school year with longtime teacher Malena Waibel endorsed as principal after acting in the role at the end of last year.

Berinba Public School Principal Malena Waibel

Waibel takes over the role from Phillip Katen who was principal from 2019.

Malena has been a teacher for twelve years with five of those being at Berinba.

Malena has a strong bond to the school having both her children attend and wants the same experience for all other students.

“I want the best for my kids so I want the best for all kids,” Malena stated when asked why her attachment to the school was so strong.

Malena has many strengths to bring to the school including the relationships and interactions that she has with the community.

As the new principal focusing on the child as a whole is one of the main things on the top of Waibel’s list.

“Our focus is the whole child, we like to meet the kids where they are whether that’s them excelling in sport or academics.”

Another of Waibel’s focuses is infrastructure with heating and cooling on track.

Last year Berinba Public participated in a quality teaching research pilot which involved the stage two teachers.

It was one of the first lots of research that came out across the world when COVID-19 forced children and teachers to work from home.

“The data is showing us that here in Australia at stage two level that the students have not gone backwards at all.”