The Yass Book Store is now available online, and Owner Jo Hicks is ready to service your lockdown book-cravings today.

“The online store has only gone live Wednesday. I have had quite a few queries but it’s only really been available since then.”

“They can do click and collect or I’ve just been dropping them off to people around town and leaving them on their verandah as well,” she said.

The bookstore had a pop-up store a month ago and is still very much in the early stages of the business. However, they are willing to service the surrounding communities as well, and just last week delivered a book to Harden courtesy of a very kind local truck driver.

For Jo, owning and operating a bookstore has been a long-held dream.

“I’ve always wanted to have a bookstore and I’ve worked in retail before and I thought it was a good time, that was before Covid, to set up a bookstore this year.”

“I had lots of plans and was looking for a rental space and then we went into lockdown and I can’t really afford the rent if people aren’t able to come into the shop,” she said.

With finding a store in town out of the question, Jo has utilised her place, “Minnie’s” on Comur Street, which she had priorly operated as an Airbnb.

“So, I’ve got all the books up there and I’m just going to do the online bookstore until early next year and then if it works out, I’ll try and find a shop on the main road,” she said.

The bookstore sells cookbooks, fiction and non-fiction books, as well as an extensive array of children’s books.

“It’s pretty broad and they’re all new books. I’ve got quite a lot of children’s books because I’ve been told that’s a bit of a gap in Yass and there’s a lot of people stuck at home with their kids at the moment. So, I’ve got a lot of kids’ activity books and picture books, and through to middle aged kids and teens,” said Jo.

The Yass Book Store already supports and sells the work of many of our local authors. Jo is eager for more local authors to reach out to her via the Yass Book Store Facebook page if they are also interested. To check out the books on offer at the Yass Book Store, head online to their website.

Max O’Driscoll