The Yass Christmas Parade and Markets are rolling around again for another year, with Comur Street set to get in the festive spirit tonight, Thursday 15 December, from 6pm.

The Christmas Parade run in accordance with the Yass Valley SPIN Foundation and the Yass Valley Council is set to be double the size of last year’s successful event, with more stalls than ever and the expectation of a bigger crowd. 

Yass SPIN Foundation President Barry O’Mara spoke to The Times prior to the Christmas Parade about the exciting new additions this year has to offer. 

“It’s a bit of a two-pronged event. We’ve got our markets then we’ve got our late-night shopping. It’s classed as community event,” O’Mara said.

“It’s run in conjunction with the Yass Valley Council. The SPIN Foundation has taken on the running of the Street Parade side of it, then we have a working group committee that runs the overall night. Pam Staines from Full Circle Serenity has taken the organisation of all the markets. 

“She’s been diligently working away. I think we had 33 stalls last year, but this year we’ll have around 70 stores. We’ve doubled it. With our street parade, we had about 15 participants last year, but have over 30 this year, so that’s doubled as well.”

This year’s Christmas floats are set to be a surprise for locals in town, with all to be revealed tonight. 

“We’ve got people on semi-trailers and Berinba School are decorating scooters, some people are just walking or marching, we also have the Canberra Celtic Pipe Band leading the parade this year,” O’Mara continued.

“I know the Show Society is putting in a float with their Miss Show Girl on it. We’ve also got a couple of Clydesdale horses coming this year pulling different types of carts. Essential Energy has also come on board this year with a few vehicles. 

“We’re doing an Emergency Services one this year as well as a bit of a tribute to them for their work during the floods. Police, Ambulance, Fire and Rescue, RFS and Binalong Rescue are all involved in that.

Christmas Parade 2021

“The Cruiser Club in Yass is also trying to get a few cars in it this year. We’ve got a lot of variety this year, which is good. 

“It’s a big increase in involvement from last year on both the street parade and the market side of things. We’re very happy with it.”

Comur Street will be closed from 2:00pm as the parade and stall holders prepare, with it set to be reopened after 8:00pm.

“The street will be closed to all traffic. The street markets will commence from 4pm so there’ll be no traffic movement at all in the main street after 4:00pm.

“The street parade is marshalling about 5:30pm up at the Railway Museum and the parade will commence at 6:00pm.

“I’d like to thank the Yass Valley Council for all their support in the endeavours to have this event come to life, plus all the members of our working committee who have been working on this now for the last couple of months. They are all volunteers from different clubs. 

“I hope the community of Yass come and join in the fun on the festive occasion of Christmas.”

Tonight’s weather looks fine with a low chance of rain, however, the committee have put some measures in place in case of any disrupting rain.

“The markets have extended that much that we’ve actually opened the Memorial Hall and put a lot of markets inside the Hall just to allow a little bit more freedom, otherwise the main street would be far too congested with 70 stalls and businesses still remaining open. 

“There will be 30 different market stalls inside the hall.

“We’re looking to get a great turnout going off last year’s numbers. Last year a couple thousand people lined the streets and we’re expecting another 50 per cent on top of that this year. I think this is something we can build as a bit of a brand going forward.”

Pack a few chairs and some blankets for the outdoor movie screening in Banjo Paterson Park from 8pm (A boy called Christmas)

The SPIN Foundation will round out the week with a Christmas lights display at the Roundhouse Museum on Saturday night.”

Tim Warren