Photo: Previous station manager Richard Wilson, longtime Yass FM volunteer Jan Wilson and sports presenter Wayde Chalmers

Yass FM has officially moved into the former pool manager’s house and are set to start live broadcasting again soon after a stint operating out of their homes.

The studio originally broadcasted from the Old Water Treatment building, but it was deemed unsafe for use in May and Yass FM had to vacate the premises in June.

Radio host and President of the Yass Community Radio Association Geoff Frost said he’s looking forward to broadcasting from a station rather than his home.

“It means all our presenters can come back on air,” he said.

Only just over half of Yass FM presenters were able to broadcast from their homes via the internet and the station’s schedule was largely music the last few months. “Community radio is about the community and this gives us a chance to do that,” Geoff said.

The radio host said the new location was a fantastic spot. “It’s really close for everybody to come up with plenty of parking so no excuse for people to not come up and talk to us on the radio anymore.”

The local station currently has nearly 20 presenters but are hoping to start a training program for some new voices early next month.

“We’re always looking for new faces new voices,” Geoff said. “We’ll just start getting people used to the idea of radio and getting relaxed with themselves.”

Radio is a great medium because it’s a local broadcasting,” he said. “It’s really about people chatting one on one.”

Geoff said there have also been talks of Yass Repertory hosting radio plays in the studio.

“It’s going to be so nice to get back on air and live and have all our people back.”

“I’d have to say that the Yass FM people have been really good,” he said. “The amount of effort and work they put in to do things from home.”

If anyone is interested in volunteering at Yass FM as a radio presenter or behind the scenes, then please contact Geoff at

By Brianna O’Rourke