Yass FM is seeking a new location for its radio station after continued safety concerns led to a closure of the Old Water Treatment Building. They have called the building home since May 2000.

The building was declared unsafe for use on April 28 after Yass Valley Council staff completed a requested building inspection. The inspection detailed several varied health and safety issues, including mould, water leaks and possible asbestos sheeting.

The local radio station is now seeking the assistance of the Council in finding a new location.

The Community Centre, Yass Memorial Hall and Yass Railway Museum were all ideas put forward to Council staff, which they ultimately determined to be unsuitable.

As a short term solution, the Old School Master’s House at Murrumbateman has been suggested, but it can only be temporary as the land is being offered to the Department of Education for the new Murrumbateman school.

The Council have suggested a demountable building near the Men’s Shed as a long term solution. They chose that specific location as they would have access to existing power, water and sewer connections.

If Yass FM would prefer a non-demountable option, the old RFS Shed in Bowning was also considered. RFS Bowning’s new shed is currently being built, and the old shed is expected to be vacant by the end of the year.

The Old Water Treatment Building and grounds will be secured and off-limits to the public. The majority of the power for the building will be turned off. It remains unclear at this stage what Council’s plans for the building are moving forward.

Max O’Driscoll