Yass has been tossed up as an option for ‘New’ Parliament House as the Australian Parliament imploded this week after the Federal budget was handed down.

The current Australian Government has handed down a budget full of sugar hits, sweeteners, and spin, in what can be best described as outright bribes in a move that opposition leader Anthony Albanese labeled ‘stapling money to ballots’ ahead of the impending Federal election.

Scotty from Marketing along with bean counter Frydenberg talked a big game on Tuesday before having most of it shot down on Thursday night by an opposition that has a huge chance of being elected if they don’t mention climate change at every opportunity like Shorten did last election. 

Albo’s hard-lack upbringing which really only imitates most other Australians’ lives, also needs to be put on the back burner as it’s wearing thin before the campaigning has even officially started.

The foundations of the building began to crack on Monday when the weight of the budget documents which were packed up in 20 kilo boxes began to be rolled in the front door. 

By Tuesday the cracks were large enough to fit your finger in and by Wednesday they had made the grand building as structurally sound as the Opal Tower.

Some say it was the weight of hope from the current government to hold on and win a 4th term, while others are putting it down to the ghost of Clive Palmer, whose weight and presence continues to permeate the hallowed halls with his huge spend, which will be unlikely to deliver him a lower house seat, however, may through sheer weight of funds expended on advertising, deliver Clive a Senate seat or recliner, for when the big fella drifts off to sleep.

With a 1988 Construction price of $1.1 billion and an expectation that the building would last 200 years, Australians are rightly disappointed that the building won’t see the year out.

Yass will welcome the construction of the ‘New’ Parliament which will be located near SELX and the industrial park which will provide easy fast food access to those pollies who miss the parliamentary buffet and need a Big Mac.

Happy April Fools!