Following last year’s success, Yass High School will be showcasing the school’s arts faculty and student work at the Yass High CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) Night of 2023 this Thursday, the 31st of August. 


The free event will feature musical and dance performances, as well as artworks, ceramics and sculptures, photography, textiles as well as wood and metal work projects from classes across years 7 to 12, the evening is designed to present and celebrate the artistic talents of Yass High School students, with Jacqueline Hanson, the CAPA Coordinator and Yass High music teacher summarising it as “focusing on the talents of our extraordinary students”. 

Ella-Rose performing at an ANZAC Day service earlier this year

The exhibition and show will go from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm and is located in the new Yass High School hall. Snacks and beverages including tea and coffee will be available, with proceeds going towards fundraising for Yass High’s involvement in the School Spectacular. 


Jacqueline describes the evening further, giving details as to how the two hours will unfold;


“The performers will run for the full two hours on stage, and people can just wander around and look at the exhibitions, and we’ll have some tables and chairs for people to sit down and just watch the show. We’ll provide some supper, tea and coffee and cakes as well, which will be fundraising for the School Spectacular”.

Due to the lockdown periods, many students missed out on opportunities to perform, create or showcase their works live, an opportunity and experience Jacqueline and Yass High as a whole felt was a needed return to reinvigorate the arts faculty post-covid, as well as serve as an opportunity to showcase that Yass High is more than just a sports or agriculture school. 

Year 12 end of year performance 2021

 “It’s something we like to do. Obviously, during covid, we couldn’t. It gives the kids a more formal performance opportunity rather than just for the students at assemblies in that parents get to come and enjoy as well as the wider community, and we just want to show that we’re more than just a sporting school, more than just science and maths and agriculture, we like to showcase the arts too”, said Jacqueline,


“We had a musical this year which was really good, we got back on track with that” 

Moana Musical earlier this year

The evening also serves as an opportunity to prepare students for their post-school artistic journeys, as due to the coming exam period, Jacqueline states that she “really wanted them to have that performance opportunity to put them under a bit of pressure in front of a live audience and make them, I suppose polished up and step up to being a performer rather than just a student in a classroom.”


The evening is free to enter, with all who may be interested welcome to attend. 


Griffin Palen