In partnership with the Yass RSL sub-Branch, Yass High School is undertaking a significant project to construct an ANZAC memorial on its premises.

The project is on track to be completed by ANZAC Day and will serve as a powerful reminder of the bravery and sacrifice of the ANZACs and is an essential opportunity to honour the ANZAC legacy while providing students and the broader community with valuable educational tools.

Collaborating closely with Yass sub-Branch Secretary Al Charry, Yass High School’s Principal Linda Langton, Deputy Principal Andrew Facer, and School Captain Mark Box have been working hard to ensure the ANZAC Memorial is delivered in a way that is respectful and appropriate. The sub-Branch has been instrumental in providing guidance on protocols for the Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army, and Royal Australian Air Force for the Memorial.

The ANZAC Memorial will prominently feature the metal emblems for the Navy, Army, and Airforce, as well as the Australian National Flag, the New Zealand Flag, the State Flag, and the Air Force and Navy Flags. The Yass RSL sub-Branch President, Luke Hagerty, has been invited to officially open the ANZAC Memorial.

The Yass ANZAC Memorial project is a poignant reminder of the enduring ANZAC legacy and its importance for future generations. As we approach ANZAC Day, it is a time to reflect on the courage, resilience, and sacrifice of the ANZACs. It is also a time to remember that the ANZAC legacy is not merely a memory but a living tradition that inspires us to uphold the values of service, sacrifice, and mateship in our own lives.

“Yass High School will be holding a special ANZAC Day commemoration on Thursday 27th April from 10am,” Yass High School Principal Linda Langton said. 

“We have recently constructed an ANZAC memorial which will be officially opened and consecrated prior to a school assembly dedicated to this important cultural event.”

Tim Warren