It will be suggested to Yass Valley Council tonight to deliver an ultimatum to the Yass Show Society to reconsider and accept a one-off payment of $24,000 to take control of the Yass Indoor Sports Stadium or Council may remove the building and sell salvaged items such as the sprung wooden floor.

The Council reports it is not allowed to own assets that are not on Council land, and with the stadium existing on Yass Show Society property negotiations with the Show Society appear to be at an impasse.

Discussions date back to February 2018, but regained relevance in January 2021 when Council offered the one-off payment of $24,000 to transfer ownership of the stadium to Yass Show Society, with the agreement to have the stadium available for community use.

Both parties came close to an agreement before inspection findings found several issues with the stadium such as:

  • Active termite activity within the hardwood sleeper retainer walls surrounding the exterior of the stadium.
  • Repairs required to the timber windows, at an estimated cost of $73,920
  • Roof related issues, including capping, flashings, gutter and joins in roof sheeting, damaged eaves and timber fascia boards.
  • Maintenance on the timber floor, including punching and filling nail holes and potential trip point between timber and concrete flooring.
  • Kitchen area including water leak and timber benches in contact with the floor.

Yass Valley Councillors to consider the fate of the Indoor Sports Stadium tonight

The report to Councillors recommends that should the Show Society not accept the Council’s offer by June 30, the Council begin the process of removing the building altogether.

The main sport using the facility at the present time is basketball, while the stadium is sporadically used for football training when grounds are unavailable.

The Yass Show Society declined to comment on the matter.

File Image at top: Basketball clinic for local children

Max O’Driscoll