From the President of the Yass Music Club,

Peter Crisp

An exciting concert series for  Members of the  Yass  Music  Club begins Saturday  13th  February. The Yass  Community  has  remained  safe  in  2020  which  is  a  great  credit  to  all  of  us  complying  to  NSW  Government  Guidelines  when  it  has  been  required  for  us  to  do  so.

Our first concert,  the world-famous  Australian composer  Elena  Kats  Chernin with  Tamara  Cislowska, “Four  Hands on  Piano”. I  have no doubt  Elena will be  regarded as  one of  the greatest  composers  in  our  lifetime  and  their  performance  of  her  recent  compositions will be  brilliant and memorable  with  Tamara  an  immensely  talented  concert  pianist.  Both performed for the club in the opening season of  2019.

Covid19  requirements for our concerts in  2021  will not be too bad if we all comply!

Covid19  will  remain  a  major  concern  for  the  Yass  Music  Club  in  2021  with  a  very  strict  management of attendees to safeguard  our  members as  the  guidelines  are  set  in  place  by  the  NSW  Government.

These guidelines in place now may vary with lighter restrictions if  Covid19  is contained with the vaccine programme  being rolled out  in  2021.

Only  members  will  be  able  to  attend  our  concerts  in  2021,  no  guests  will  be allowed  to  join  us  due  to  our  restriction  of  numbers  in  the  Yass  Memorial  Hall ,  strictly  membership  only  for  the  entire  year.

All  our  members  will  have to  RSVP  to  attend  each  concert,  this  will  help  the  club  comply  with  our  NSW  Government  QR  code  requirements,  our  QR  code  we  have  to  apply  for – for  each  concert  during  2021.

As  President  and  on  behalf  of  our  Yass  Music  Club  Committee  I  would  like  to  welcome  you  all  to  a  wonderful  year  of  fine  music,  lets  make  the  most  of  what  is  our  new  normal  during  this  pandemic  which  could  remain  with  us  possibly  for  the  next  few  years.

To become a member contact Edgar Mongan on or phone Brian Millett  on 62263514.

Very best wishes from the Yass Music Club,

Peter Crisp