Yass’ op-shops are home to some of the region’s biggest bargains according to self-professed “op-shop bargain hunters” Monica Oliveira and Chris Taylor.

Monica, who is always on the lookout for jewellery “steals” when she shops at Yass’ op-shops,

Op Shop Bargains – Monica shows us her bling which includes a real gold and diamond ring, well known Pandora brand and other treasures which caught her eye

“I like to look for bargains in the jewellery section of the op-shops.”

“I try to stick around the smaller towns because they seem to have more vintage antiques, and I’d say the quality is there.”

“I rarely visit Canberra op-shops,” she said.

When asked what it feels like to find something valuable, Monica needed one word to describe that feeling.

“The other day I found a real pearl vintage necklace,”

“Excitement!” she said proudly.

As for advice for those out there who also are interested in becoming an “op-shop hunter”, Monica believes knowing what you’re looking for to be the key to finding treasures.

“I think you have to have a keen eye for it too and have to really know what you’re looking for,” she said.

Monica believes she’s saved thousands but still shops within a strict budget.

I usually set a ten-dollar limit for silver and a twenty-dollar limit for gold” with the exception of one of the purchases, a diamond ring.

“My husband bought it for $200 at Vinnies, it’s real gold and diamond and was valued at $600 plus but I still think it’s a very good find.”

Apart from the good feeling of saving herself money, Monica confesses the extra buzz comes from spotting a bargain other are yet to notice.

“It’s kind of like thrill-seeking!

Yass resident Chris Taylor looking King of Cool in his op-shop finds including well-known brands and quality materials

Fellow op-shop hunter, Chris Taylor who focuses on finding affordable, “nicer” clothes says shopping at the op-shops are part of his family’s weekly routine and explained some of the benefits of doing so.

“Once a week my wife goes to the op-shops in Yass.”

“You’re saving yourself money, but you’re also helping the environment and charities like St Vincent de Paul that help other people,” Chris said.

If Yass’ op-shops are as good as Monica and Chris say they are, perhaps it’s time we all become “op-shop hunters” ourselves.

Max O’Driscoll