Yass Police have once again had a busy week in the Valley, conducting 489 Random Breath and Drug Tests (RBTs and RDT’s.)

Yass Police Inspector and Officer in Charge Dave Cowell has the headlines below, including break and enters and theft.

“Three unknown persons trespassed on residential property at Hercules Street, Murrumbateman around 5:00am on Sunday 12 March.

“Three unknown persons were seen at the residence and heard banging on windows. The persons were described as wearing gloves and face coverings. They were disturbed by a resident and quickly left the property.

“In a separate case, there was a break-enter and steal at Ambleside Drive, Murrumbateman between 10:00am Wednesday 8 March and 7:45am Tuesday 14 March.

“Unknown persons gained entry to the house by removing the flyscreen on a ground floor window and then slid the unlocked (but closed) window open.

“Once inside, the offenders have stolen a car key which was hanging on a hook near the front door.

“The offenders have then stolen a black 2007 Nissan Navara ute which had been parked and secured at the residence.

“In a third case, there was a stolen black and grey caravan from Mount Street, Yass between the morning of Friday 10 March and midday Sunday 12 March.

“Unknown persons have stolen a caravan parked at a residence. The caravan was primarily used to store tools and office equipment.”

Inspector Cowell offered strategies to help stop break-and-enter, theft and trespass offences.

“Ensure all perimeter fences are in good order and gates are kept locked to restrict unauthorised access to your property.

“Trim shrubs and trees from around doors so as not to provide concealment to intruders and increase visibility to and from the street.

“Install quality security lights around the perimeter of your home to provide effective illumination at night.

“Ensure all perimeter doors to your home are of solid construction and fitted with quality dead locks.

“Ensure all perimeter windows are secured with key-operated locks.

“Glass panes in doors and windows should be reinforced by either adhering a shatter-resistant film, replace with laminated glass, or have quality metal security screens or shutters fixed to restrict unauthorised access.

“Install intruder alarm system to your home and garage and keep garage doors and garden sheds closed and locked.”

“Keep garden tools and ladders locked away when not in use to prevent hem being used to gain access to your home.

“Record descriptions, models and serial numbers of all your valuables, and photograph jewellery and other collectables for easy identification should they be reported lost or stolen.”

Other talking points include a truck fire and malicious damage caused to vehicles.

“About 3:50am Thursday 16 March, a B-Double Heavy vehicle, loaded with orange juice product, was driving northbound on Hume Highway, Bowning.

“The truck driver noticed flames coming from between the lorry and the A-trailer. They immediately pulled over and contacted emergency services.

“The Fire was extinguished at 5:30am.

“Police have received reports from people having their vehicles damaged recently in and around Yass.

“If it happens to you, take photos of the damage and document the incident and report to the police.

“To lower the risk of it happening to you, park off-road and, if possible, out of direct access.

“If you can’t park in a garage, try to park close to your house in a well-lit location. A driveway is ideal especially if it has motion-sensor lights, or is underneath a street light.

“Consider surveillance cameras, doorbells with motion sensor features, or dash cam with a parking mode feature; particularly if your car is valuable or expensive to repair.”

Police and community members had positive comments and feedback from last week’s free Alive in the Park music and arts festival, which was attended by over 300 people.

If people have any information about these incidents, please do not hesitate to call you local police on 02 6226 9399 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.  Please report any suspicious behaviour in your area to the police immediately.

Tim Warren