Toni Neuhaus of Six8 Coffee Roasters inside Trader & Co serves up a successful mix of friendly service – fresh coffee and baked goods.

Landscape supplies, property sales, vet services or simply the buzzing local café tell the same story – Yass Valley is quietly booming.

It’s tough to talk about business success in a climate of economic uncertainty and where neighbouring businesses may still be struggling after forced closure due to stringent COVID-19 management by the government. Yet the boom goes on in Yass Valley, and here’s why.

‘Work from home if you can’ is the song sheet still being sung by state and federal governments and it is having a steroid effect on the local economy.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics data, 56% of Yass Valley’s workforce usually leaves Yass Valley, mostly travelling the Barton Highway across the border to the ACT for work. Except now those commuters are being encouraged not to.