The Yass Valley Anglicans are preparing for their Christmas Day lunch this Sunday to support the community who are doing it tough during the holidays or have no one else to celebrate the day with.

The Anglican Church warmly invites any member of the community to join them for their annual Christmas Day lunch. 

The Christmas Day lunch will take place at the Saint Clement’s Anglican Church Hall, 20 Church Steet Yass, between 12pm and 2pm on Sunday 25 December.

The lunch is designed to give locals a welcoming lunch where they can join together with like-minded people and enjoy each other’s company.

Cath Neuhaus from the Anglican Church spoke about the Christmas Day lunch and why it was important.

“It’s going to be a mainly cold lunch. We will have the traditional hams and chickens and salads, with puddings and pavlova afterwards,” Cath said.

“The idea behind it is those who don’t have anyone to share Christmas with this year, can come along and partake in fellowship and have a time of fellowship with other people there.

“I’ve spoken to people about attending, previously we have had around 50 people attend our Christmas Day lunches. 

“It’s important because it can help with people’s mental health, especially after two years of Covid. There are people that have lost loved ones in the last year or so and so they might just be feeling really lonely or those that have just recently moved to Yass. So, it can give a focal point for people to come along and just meet other people.

“On Christmas Day you shouldn’t be lonely.”

The Yass Anglican Church have been undertaking Christmas Day lunches for over a decade, however, haven’t been able to host a lunch over the last couple of years because of Covid.

“This is the first time, we’re starting it up again post-Covid. The lunch is free to attend for all who turn up.

“People can gather from 12pm and there will be nibbles before lunch is served. We’re expecting lunch to be served about 12:30pm. 

“After 2pm we’ll want to clean up because the people helping out will want to go back home to families. 

“People are welcome to stay and chat afterwards, we’re not closing the doors and saying that’s it.”

To help cater, please RSVP to Cath on 0403060368 or email

Combined Churches Volunteer Cath Neuhaus at the recent Community Carols event

“People can RSVP to me, but don’t feel if you haven’t RSVP’d that you can’t turn up.

“The lunch will follow the Anglican Churches 9am service at both Mururmbateman and at Yass, with lunch to follow at 12pm after that.”

The Yass Vine Church held its Community Luncheon on Saturday, 17 December, at the Yass Vine Church. 

Tim Warren