Yass Valley Business Chamber is asking the local business community to take a short survey on what it’s like doing business with Council.

https://bit.ly/YVBC3 is the link being shared here and on Yass Valley Times digital platforms and through the Yass Valley Business Chamber’s digital posts including emails to members to share with non-members alike.

“The Yass Valley Business Chamber defined three strategic priorities in their Strategy for 2020-21. One of those was Government Engagement where we looked to be a voice of local business to government and representing local business on matters of import to them,’ advised Jim Hutton, OBE, Vice-President YVBC.

“As part of developing our knowledge base and understanding of the experience that local business has with the local Council, we have designed a short survey for our membership and the wider business community to complete. We will be giving the Council the feedback to complement the existing Customer Satisfaction work that they already have in place.”

The survey exercise is expected to provide a moment-in-time checkpoint on satisfaction levels with Council with the robustness which comes from an independently run process.

“We think it will be a useful snapshot of the view of businesspeople and aid Council in determining where to focus on the sustainment of good service and where improvement might be required to the benefit of their customers,” Mr Hutton added.

Newly appointed President for 2021 and the remainder of this year, Mr Jack Walker said 2020 has presented extra challenges for local businesses.

“The role and leadership of local Council in the Economic Development of the Yass Valley is critical and even more so during this time of COVID-19. The Yass Valley Business Chamber views this independent survey as the initiator of a positive and mature conversation around where Council is doing a great job and areas where improvements could be made for the benefit of the Business Community, Staff and Wider Community alike,” Mr Walker said.

The Business Chamber is keen to see the exchange of the results from the survey as a chance to build further opportunities for local business input on how the Council can assist economic development.

“We look forward to continuing to engage with Council and the Business Community as we seek to open this discussion up to a Small Business Plan linked to a wider Economic Development Strategy for the Yass Valley,” Mr Walker expanded.

The survey takes under 5 minutes to complete.