Photo: Jenny Geldart, Jennie Blythe, David Martin, Andre Hillege, Camilla Duffy and founder Robin Winterflood

The Yass Valley Concert Band is officially back in the musical seats with new conductor Bryan Hooley taking up the baton.

The band had their first rehearsal on March 7 and meets weekly on Mondays at 6pm at the Mount Carmel Music Room.

Group organiser Robin Winterflood said they were very lucky to have Bryan come aboard describing the musical director as an excellent woodwind player and teacher.

Last year the band had about 15 players before COVID-19 and the lack of a conductor caused the group to shut down for a period.

Hopefully, Bryan’s background in teaching music, largely clarinet and flute, will bring a sleuth of Yass’ musical talent forth.

Robin plays the French Horn in the Yass band, however, also plays the trumpet, piano and guitar.

“It’s just good to play with other people, as an instrumentalist you get pretty bored playing with your own self,” Robin said. “It’s just good fun. It’s good to put together because that’s what playing an instrument is all about really.”

A concert band generally features woodwind instruments such as clarinet, bassoon, oboe, flute and saxophone; percussion instruments like different types of drums and xylophones; brass instruments such as the trumpet, trombone, tuba, cornet and euphonium.

Robin said she hopes to have the band ready to play a concert at the local markets later this year.

She said all are welcome although participants will need some experience to play in the band beginners are still welcome to observe and play what they can.

“I’d love it to get going again,” Robin said. “Got some very, very good and really experienced players.”

Don’t forget to bring your own instrument and stand and for more information call Robin on 0428 272 839.

By Brianna O’Rourke