A piece of earthmoving equipment which caught alight during construction of stage 1 of the Barton Highway duplication which commences at Hall on the ACT border and extends north-west towards Yass. 

Yass Valley Council has decided upon a wish list of items totalling more than $1.4 billion dollars if either of the major parties wins the upcoming federal election set down for May 21. The State Government won’t be missed either in 12 months time with the document titled ‘Yass Valley Council Federal and State Government Support Priorities April 2022.

    Much of the funding is aimed at the continued duplication of the Barton Highway, with stages 2 and 3 expected to come in at approximately $750 million and will help not just those living in the Yass LGA, but those living in south, west and northern New South Wales if and when they ever have to make the trek to the nation’s capital.

The 12 point list includes the Barton Duplication and  Murrumbateman bypass while there is at least another $656.2 million aimed at improving other amenities.

2. New Yass Hospital with full-time medical staffing, maternity planning and infrastructure (10 year process) $300 million

3. Yass Water Treatment Plant upgrade (% of $30 million cost) and Yass Water Distribution Network Pipe Replacement Program.

4. A commitment to the retention of key government services in Yass such as Yass Centrelink and medicare.

5. Support for Local Government Climate Response ($300 million)

6. Murrumbateman Adventure Playground ($750,000)

7. Yass Soldier’s Memorial Hall renovations ($1.2 million urgent works, $5 million upgrade)

8. Crago Mill Precinct Development ($30 million)

9. Yass Soldier’s Memorial Pool Renovation and Heated Pool ($20 million)

10. Yass Main Street Upgrade.

11. Shingle Hill Way/Federal Highway Junction

12. Gundaroo Sutton Road Upgrade and maintenance.

More to come.