After the consistent and copious amounts of rain right across New South Wales and the local region in recent months, the roads and the grounds they sit on have copped an absolute barrage of water which is rapidly deteriorating the conditions of the roads. 

Despite councils wanting and needing to fix road conditions, the wet conditions have made it unfavourable to get council road maintenance crews out to amend the roads.

The problems continue to arise, as one pothole gets filled with hot bitumen on a section of road, another ten potholes get created on other roads. 

Whilst there are multiple factors to the creation of potholes, that being weather, traffic density and general age and wear and tear of surfaces, only the stoppage – or less frequent wet weather can allow repairs. 

But with a wet season in the pipeline, the roads are only going to get worse before they get better.

One local resident experienced a hairy condition on Monday morning when hitting a series of large and dangerous potholes on the eastern side of Binalong.

Upon entering the township, the driver heard rattles coming from the front left tyre, before the control of the steering began to diminish. 

The driver began slowing down when their wheel shot off into the surrounding grass area while the car was still travelling, putting the driver and surrounding motorists and residents at risk. 

Thankfully, the driver and all involved were safe on this occasion but these occurrences happen far too often when road conditions are unsatisfactory.

Binalong Potholes road damage

Although, it’s not just sealed bitumen roads that are at danger of cracking, sinking and potholes forming, with gravel Black Range Road in Yass completely disintegrating over a pipe structure (see photo) during the heavy downpour of rain last Friday.

Vehicles and lives are all in the firing line with poor road conditions, but it appears as though nothing will, unfortunately, change in the coming months.

To all drivers, be safe when on the roads this spring and upcoming summer. Drive to the conditions and please report major potholes and roads/areas of concern to Yass Valley Council. 

All motorists are in this together. 

 Tim Warren