The Yass Valley Triathlon Club stands victorious as the winner of the New South Wales Triathlon Club Championships, sitting at the top of the Hume League. The event was held in Forster on Saturday the 28th of May. Triathlon, a swimming, cycling and racing multisport, is new to the Yass Valley, with the club only a year old. Founding member and President of the Yass Valley Triathlon Club Sarah Watson spoke to the Yass Valley Times about the Triathlon Club, the championships, and what she looks forward to for next season. 


“We’ve raced in a number of events throughout the last twelve months, and the season is pretty much finished now. It’s our first year as a club, so we’re brand new. We have forty-one members, the majority of whom do race, and we finished on top of the Hume League interclub ladder, we are the winners of the Hume League for this year, so that’s a pretty great result seeing as we are a brand new club,” said Sarah. 


Discussing their victory, Sarah praises her club members for their efforts in training and participation, highlighting their efforts as the source of their success. 


 “I think it means a lot to all the club members, particularly for Yass community sport to show how competitively well we’ve done as a brand new club in our first season. It’s down to the members being quite active, and training a lot. We’ve had some really good members, and participation levels have been really high, that’s why we’ve come out on top” 

L to R Rebecca Hipwell and Sarah Watson

On the Yass Valley Triathlon Club, Sarah spoke about the training and camaraderie the team engaged in.


  “We regularly train together, we do social activities together. We’re a friendly club for anyone who wants to give the sport of triathlon a go, just know that you can be brand new to the sport and we’ll help you get that confidence to give it a go”, said Sarah. 

Discussing her hopes for next season, Sarah hopes that the club will continue to grow in memberships before the next triathlon competition, as well as put on fundraisers for ease of registration and supplying sports gear.


“We’re looking forward to hopefully growing our membership, having more people come and give triathlon a go in the Yass Valley. We’re hoping to represent a bigger number at the NSW Triathlon Club Championships next May. My goal or vision for the club is to have quite a big group to attend that and use it as our end-of-year party”, said Sarah, commenting further,


“We’re hoping to do a bit more fundraising this year to be able to help members with their entry registration fees or for different things”. 


Griffin Palen