We all want our councillors to be local people who have the interests of the local community at heart. That’s exactly who the Greens candidates are: we live here; we work and volunteer here; our futures are here. We want to see our Yass Valley communities adapt and thrive as our world changes.

Adrian (pictured) lives in Yass, Saan in Yass River, Iain in Gundaroo, Tanya in Binalong and Steve in Murrumbateman. We’re all local people committed to better ways of caring for and strengthening Yass Valley, its environment, people and facilities.

Each of us joined the Greens because they believe in a just, ecologically and economically sustainable future for everyone. So do we. Our Greens party values give you, as a voter, confidence that we will do what we say. As a grassroots organisation, the Greens put community at the heart of all we do. That is our candidates’ guarantee to you.

We invite you to read our policies and ideas on key issues like our water supply and waste systems, climate change, energy use, community engagement and strategic funding of Council operations. You’ll see that people sit at the centre of what we want to achieve. Our policies encourage development and change that improves our environment while respecting place and community. We will support development and change in Yass Valley that is understood by locals, guided by locals and serves local interests.

When you elect a Greens Councillor, you’re also electing a support team of people from across our community, all with real-world skills and experience who are committed to driving better outcomes for people and the environment. Our candidates have a broad range of expertise, from teaching, town planning and environmental science to mental health, heritage conservation, administration and project management. And, with the support of our colleagues in state and federal parliament, we can better fight for key local government issues like transparency in grant funding and ensuring developer contributions collected in Yass Valley stay in Yass Valley.

Your Greens councillors will work with our communities, bringing people into local decision-making. New leadership and a different approach are needed from Council to ensure a prosperous and environmentally sustainable path to the future.

A vote for the Greens is a vote for local, transparent and quality government, for community building and for environmental protection.

By Adrian Cameron for the Greens group