Yass Valley Veterinary is seeking blood donations from dogs. With veterinary hospitals located in both Yass and Murrumbateman, regularly, their hospitals see patients that urgently require blood.

Currently, the Valley’s pets must make the trip to Canberra to receive the care they need. For some of these animals, their condition is too critical to warrant such a trip.

Therefore, the Yass Valley Veterinary team is hoping to start a blood bank where eligible dogs will give up blood to save other dogs’ lives.

Yass Valley Veterinary’s Dr Will Carey

Yass Valley Veterinary’s Dr Will Carey spoke to the importance of having a blood bank for dogs in the Yass Valley.

“It’s really important here because we have a lot of both working dogs and hunting dogs, and often they will have quite traumatic injuries,” he said.

There is a testing procedure that has an initial cost of $348 which must be done prior to donating your dog’s blood.

According to Dr Carey, the test holds several benefits for the dogs and their owners, such as identifying the dog’s blood type and testing its blood for parasites.

“It’s nice to know your dog is healthy, and we see the patients really regularly and are able to do regular health assessments and check on how the animal is tracking,” he said.

Once the blood is tested and cleared for donation, owners will receive $75 credit at Yass Valley Veterinary for every blood donation their pet makes.

Any interested parties are encouraged to call (02) 6226 4444

Max O’Driscoll

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