Dear Editor,

The 24th May 2021 will see the centenary of the laying of the foundation stone of The Yass Soldiers’ Memorial Hall.

The construction of the Hall was an extraordinary achievement given the small size of the Yass population and given the fact that the Hall was funded solely by locals for locals both as a community building and as a memorial to the fallen.

In the past, the Hall has been a soldiers’ club, a venue for balls and community events, a cinema, a theatre (it has dressing rooms and a stage), and a library.

Yet now it is often closed save for fortnightly markets and monthly Music Club concerts.
Today, the main inhabitants are red hats warning Yass citizens to KEEP OUT!

This is because our Hall disintegrates before our very eyes: floors are sagging, water is seeping into the stonework and down the walls causing water pools around the foundations and the front doors are so often tightly shut!

The Yass Council needs to inject funds to maintain our Hall otherwise we shall have no building to celebrate come the centenary. So come on Council.

Save our Hall for our citizens!

Penny Carlisle
Yass resident