Yass Valley Bakery released their popular DIY donut boxes last week for families in need of an entertaining activity that ends with a snack.

Dual manager and baker Kirsty Forster said the idea came to her while looking after her kids during the last lockdown.

With an 18-month-old and 3-year-old “we’re going crazy as well” so taking your time with an activity can help.

Kirsty manages the bakery alongside fiancé Mitch Ballard and parents Jeffrey and Heather Forster who bought it nearly three years ago.

The DIY donut box is just what it sounds like, instead of just buying a donut customers can take it home and do it themselves.

“We’ve got coconut flakes, smarties, sprinkles, we’ve got all sorts,” she said. “The kits are more decorative, and they can stick whatever they want on top really and then eat the rest.”

The boxes are so popular that Kirsty said she barely promoted them last weekend because the bakery was booked out completing orders.

“Normally we can just pretty much order today for tomorrow,” she said. “We thought they’d sell but not crazily.

“You can’t really pick what you’re going to sell I suppose.”

The bakery is also asking customers for photos and feedback on the boxes.

“They’ve been sending me photos with what the kids have been coming up with, they’re really cute and they’re loving them,” she said.

“They can just go home and let their imagination go crazy if they wanted to.”

Kirsty said they were lucky they didn’t have to shut through the past lockdown, but the store has been pretty quiet.

Although that hasn’t stopped the baking team from dreaming up more fun editable creations.

Last lockdown Kirsty said they started making sweet and savoury grazing boxes with free delivery around Yass which sparked more unique ideas.

“We’ve actually started doing little paint your own cookies,” she said. “It’s edible paint that they can actually take home in the paint kit and paint their own biscuit and then eat it.”

“It’s been a big week,” she said. “But [we] just decided to do something else for the community.”

By Brianna O’Rourke